Some of the forms are reserved for store for storehippo.
But user can  override those form if required but can't define the new form with reservered form name.


form_name This contain the name of form to be used as reference/unique key while  getting structure of form. 
Type: array

Read Only: No

Required: No
It is an array of  object contain folling fields

Name :  name for the field (should be unique).

Data_type : data type weather the value will be string or file or number etc.

        display_type:   It defines the input type of field:  
                                   Values might vary depending  upon the data_type of field. 

        validation:         It is an array containing various validations

        required:            It is a flag weather its required or not.

        hidden:              Field will not be shown while rendering the form id it is true.
                                   default value will be assigned (if present).

        default:              It contain the default value for field

        placeholder:      It is place holder for input if (applicable)
Get GET /api/1/entity/ms.forms

Query Parameters

Code Message
name It is name of form to be rendered. ( If given only single form will be sent as response else all forms)