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This property of ms global object contains the store settings information.


_idIt is the unique identifier of the settings for the store.
admin_emailIt contains the email id of the admin of the store.
availability_criteriaIt tells whether the delivery availability is checked according to the pin codes or the area.
base_currencyIt contains the name of the default currency of the store.
check_availablityIt is an array which contains the payment modes (COD, Offline, Online) for which the delivery availability is to be checked.
contact_emailIt contains the email id of the point of contact of the store.
contact_phoneIt contains the phone number of the point of contact/admin of the store.
default_languageIt contains the name of the default language of the store.
default_themeIt contains the unique identifier of default theme of the store.
default_weight_unitsIt contains the default weight unit used in the store.
logoIt contains the path of the image used as logo of the store.
physical_locationIt contains the address of the admin.
served_countriesIt is an array of the countries served by the store.
store_titleIt contains the title of the store.
under_maintenanceTo show the site under maintenance, this field is enabled. Also, an image can also be uploaded to show under maintenance.
payment_methodsIt is an array containing information about all the payment methods used in the store.
currenciesContains an array of currencies (3 letter ISO currency code) enabled in the store.
currency_detailsContains the detail for each currency available in the store. It contains an object with currency codes as the key and currency detail (symbol, name, conversion_rate, decimal_points) as value.
languagesContains an array of languages (2 letter ISO language code) enabled in the stores.
language_detailsContains the detail of each language enabled in the store. It contains an object with language code as the key and language details (name, nativeName) as value.