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Add a new user

Users section contains the list of all the users who have registered on your store. Admin can also add a new user from admin panel.
Click on Add new button to add a new user. The new user form appears with the following fields: 

First Name

Enter the first name of the user.

Last Name

Enter the last name of the user.


Enter the email id of the user.


Fill the password for the user.

Use Temporary Password

Check this field if you want to enable automatic generation of temporary password when you add a new user. 


Click on Choose file to upload the image of a user.


Enter the date of birth of the user.


Enter the phone number of the user.


Provide the gender of the user.


Check the box if the user is active. It is checked by default but if the user is inactive, you can uncheck the box.

User groups

Select user groups from the drop-down.

Email Verified

Select the checkbox, if the email of the user is verified.

Phone verified

Select the checkbox, if the phone number of the user is verified.  


Roles are assigned to the users when they register to your store. Custom roles can also be added.