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Selecting a Theme

In order to select a theme for your website, you need to follow the steps as mentioned below:

1. Go to Dashboard > Site > Themes:


2. Clicking on Themes, a window on right pane will open with 2 tabs as shown below:

a. 1st tab - ACTIVE THEMES: It shows the theme which is setup as default for your website.

b. 2nd tab - THEMES: It shows a list of all the themes which you have Imported.

3. Click on Actions button, it shows various options out of which one of the option "Make Default Theme" is used to make that theme your default theme for website.

You can select any of the theme from list and apply it by making default. Once you have selected "Make Default Theme", that particular theme will be shown in ACTIVE THEMES tab.

Note: All themes are Global by default, to customize theme according to your needs, you need to Unlink it to make it Local theme.