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Add an order manually

If you have any other active channels apart from the website from where you may get manual orders either by phone, emails or in person, such orders can be created manually through StoreHippo Admin Panel. Orders can also be generated manually if the customer made any mistake in the original order and now want it to be updated.

Adding an order manually

To create a manual order go to Orders section, click on Add order.

Adding an item

Once you have clicked on Add order, it will open up a new page where you can add the items/products to the new manual order. To add the products search them with their name in the search bar and add it to the order. You can also change the quantity and price of the product as soon as it is added to the order. To remove a product that you've added to the order, click the Remove item icon beside it.

Setting a discount

You can set a flat or a percentage type discount for the entire order by clicking on Add discount. You can also choose to automatically add a discount to the manual order from existing order based discounts of your store.

Adding shipping charges

If the manual order requires shipping, you can set shipping charges by clicking on Add shipping. You can create a custom shipping charge or you can also choose to automatically add shipping charges to the order from the available shipping methods of your store. In the case of automatic mode, shipping charges are applicable only after a shipping address is defined, hence, you first need to add a customer by the process detailed below in the section Adding or removing a customer.

Following are the options available to set shipping charges to a manual order:

  1. Automatic: To use this option and automatically add shipping charges to your order, you first need to add a customer and a shipping address to your order.

  2. Free shipping: You can choose to provide free shipping to the order by selecting this option.

  3. Custom: This option lets you add a custom shipping charge with a custom name.

Enable or disable taxes

By default, taxes are enabled for a manual order. To enable or disable the taxes, you can click on Taxes. If the items in your order are taxable, the total tax of the order will be reflected after enabling the tax. Most of the taxes are applicable only after a shipping address is defined, hence, you first need to add a customer to your order to view taxes applicable on your order.

Adding or removing a customer

To add a customer to your order, you can either search for the existing customers of your store or you can also choose to create a new customer.
To add a customer to the order from existing customers of your store, you need to search the customer using its name through search bar available below the Find or create a customer section. To remove or change the customer of the order, click on change button beside the Customer Details.


Creating a new customer

To create a new customer, you need to click on Create a new customer which will open a popup. Fill in the applicable fields and click on create.

Adding or changing the shipping/billing address

To add or change the shipping address of the order, you first need to add a customer to the order. The form to add or edit the shipping and billing address of the customer is available within the Customer Details section.

Shipping and billing address of the order is by default set to same, however, if you wish to provide a different billing address, you can uncheck the Billing And Shipping Address are the same checkbox, which will let you add or edit the billing address of the order.

Disabling the notifications

You can also opt to disable the notifications for the manual order by clicking on the 'bell' icon next to Order Details.

Once you have clicked on the bell icon, a popup will open which will provide you options to disable the notifications for the manual order.


Accept payment

By default, the financial status of a manual order is pending. You can opt to mark the order as paid by click on Mark as paid in the Accept Payment section. A popup will open which will let you decide the payment method for the order.

Payment method options available to mark your order as paid are:

  1. Payment gateways

  2. Cash on delivery

  3. Offline