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Adding Live Chat to your store

Live chat is one of the most popular support channels. The option of live chats on your website allows your customers to connect with you quickly and resolving their issues in real time.

Chatting with your customers can help you understand their issues and help improve sales by assisting them through the purchase experience.

StoreHippo makes it easy for you to add a live chat service to your store. You are provided various chat apps that are integrated with StoreHippo. You just need to install them in your admin panel.

Following are the chat apps available on StoreHippo Appstore:

  • Pure Chat
  • TIDIO Chat
  • tawk.to

Before you install the app, please create an account with the Chat service. Once you have created the account with the chat provider, get the chat id from the dashboard of the respective chat provider.

For example, if you want to add tawk.to in your store, you need to create an account with tawk.to. In the tawk.to dashboard, you can find the Site ID under Property Settings.

Now, follow the steps given below to add a live chat app to your store:

  1. Go to StoreHippo App Store.

  1. Find and select the desired chat app from the app store.  

  2. Once you have selected the app, click Install button to install the app.

  3. The app is installed in your store.
  4. Click on the edit and provide the twak.to Id that you have from the tawk.to dashboard.
  5. The live chat option is now enabled on your store.