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Adding new Page

Under pages, you can define custom pages on the site that contain informational content like About Us, Terms etc. You can also create custom pages for your marketing campaigns. You can add a page with the following procedure.

Go to Site > Pages section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. To add a new static page, click on the Add New button in the top right corner. Clicking on button will open a form with following fields:


Enter the title of the page that you want to display to the customers.


Aliases are used to create unique URL for the page on your Storefront. Aliases are created automatically but you can always modify it to create an SEO friendly URL for the page. 


Enter the content of the page. You can add dynamic data to the page. We do not restrict you to static HTML content for pages but you can create dynamic templates in the same way you design theme pages. All theme widgets are available for you to use in Pages. Simply switch the content mode to Code Editor and write the code the same way you write for theme widgets. There are two modes to edit the content in:

Rich Text Editor

Use this mode to edit the content using a Rich Text editor.

Code Editor

Switch to this mode to edit the content using an HTML code editor.


Enter the SEO details for the page here. The SEO details include the title of the page, its description, canonical URL, and sitemap priority.


Select the check box if you want to publish it.