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Advance Import filters for products

While importing products CSV, you can choose advance options to customize your import. You can select any option to customize your import.
Go to Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Click on Import to import product files. The following pop up appears:

 Click on Advance Options. The following option appears: 

The options are detailed below:

Import JSON file

This option is used if we are using JSON file to upload products instead of CSV format. This feature is useful when we have data in JSON format. For example, when we have data from any marketplace for products in JSON format, then we can upload that file directly using this checkbox in import.

Update By Sku

This option is used if products are updated using SKU for products/variants. If we are using this option, make sure that all products/variants should have unique variants and in store settings, field allow_unique_sku_across_variants should be checked. 


There are two options available in the categories to help user list their product. The options are:

  • Do not create new categories: If we check this field, then new categories do not get created even if there are new categories listed in the file.

  • Do not associate parent category in products automatically: In product import, by default parent category gets associated with products even when only child category is given. However, if we check this field, then parent category will not be associated.


  • Append Extension after all images: We can select any extension, and that extension will be added/override with images path for all images.

  • Prepend folder name: We can prepend folder name before all images path related to ms.files in CSV if images were uploaded inside a folder in ms.files.