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Affiliate ledger

Affiliates and admin need to keep a track of different transactions that take place in affiliate account. It allows you to view and manage these transactions.

Ledger of all affiliates in maintained under Affiliate ledger which can be accessed through Affiliates > Affiliate ledger of the StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Adding new Affiliate ledger 

You can add new affiliate ledgers by clicking on Add New. By clicking on add new, a new tab will open with the following fields:


In the Affiliate field, you can add the seller you want by choosing from the existing sellers. It is a mandatory field.


In this field, the type of the transaction,i.e. credit or debit is chosen. It is a mandatory field.


The amount as fee/commission for the affiliate is provided here. It is also a mandatory field.


Any description regarding the seller is provided in this field.

View affiliate's available balance

You can check the available balance of an affiliate by clicking View balance button in the top right corner of Affiliate ledger screen. You just need to type the title of an affiliate and its available balance will be shown.