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Available in Enterprise Plan and above.

Affiliate marketing consists of partnering up with a more established e-commerce entrepreneur in your niche and asking them to promote your products to their audience. In return, you’d give them a percentage of revenue from each sale they generate.

The affiliate program is a program where store owners invite affiliates to promote their products in exchange for a commission.

How does it work?

  1. The affiliate is registered to the store.
  2. Admin sends the affiliate referral link to the affiliate.
  3. The affiliate promotes your store using the link.
  4. A purchase is made on the store through the link.
  5. Affiliate receives the commision as per defined in Affiliate ledger rule.

Once an affiliate is added to your store, the admin can add the affiliate referral link for the affiliate. The added referral link will be displayed in the affiliate panel. The affiliate can start promoting your store using a unique URL generated. The key mentioned while adding an affiliate is unique for each affiliate, hence each affiliate has its own unique URL through which it can start promoting your store.


If an affiliate 'A' has a key 'uniquekey1' then the URL which he/she needs to promote your store to earn commission/revenue will be:

And similarly, if an affiliate 'B' has a key 'uniquekey2' then the URL which he/she needs to promote your store to earn commission/revenue will be:

Affiliate form

The Affiliate form is one of the built-in forms and is used to control the affiliate registration on the storefront. Click here to know more about affiliate form. Click here to know more about affiliate form.


You can manage affiliates in the Affiliates section which has been added to the admin left panel. You can add new sellers or check the details of registered sellers in this section.

Affiliate groups

You can define groups of affiliates to perform specific operations on different affiliate groups. You can create groups of affiliates in the Affiliate groups section.

Affiliate ledger rules

Affiliate ledger rules are created to define the commission to be provided to the affiliate on every order. Multiple conditions can be specified while adding an affiliate ledger rule.

Affiliate ledger

The ledger of all affiliates is maintained under the Affiliate ledger which can be accessed through the Affiliate ledger section.

Affiliate panel

StoreHippo provides an easy-to-use interface for your affiliates. When your affiliate login to your StoreHippo admin, they are directed to the StoreHippo Affiliate Panel. The affiliate can share the referral link, view, and withdraw the balance from the affiliate panel.