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B2B features

B2B e-commerce is one of the fastest growing aspects of online commerce and is going to have a momentous impact on the global economy.

StoreHippo offers the B2B e-commerce platform loaded with the features needed to explore the full potential of your business and grow it. Following are some features for your B2B sites.

StoreHippo helps you grow and scale your business to new markets by using advanced B2B e-commerce solutions like a multi-store or multi-seller website in multiple languages. It helps you to boost your sales volume and extend your business faster and further.

Multi-seller Marketplace

The multi-seller feature helps to create a comprehensive multi-seller marketplace for products or services and increase your profits through seller commissions. It allows you to add multiple sellers on a single platform and manage their products, keeps track of the sales from each seller. It helps you grow your B2B business by offering various choices to your customers.

Multi-store Management

The multi-store feature allows you to set up multiple storefronts to offer a different look and feels as well as product and deals, payment options, shipping etc. to different users. 

This feature lets you create sub/child stores within your store based on geolocations, categories, etc. Your users can switch between sub-stores to browse products that belong to the selected substore.

Multilingual Webstore

The multilingual feature allows you to convert your website into multiple languages to connect better with your customers. This feature lets your users access your store in the language of their choice. With this functionality, you get multiple language support and better translation support in your B2B site.

Audit Logs

StoreHippo provides the audit logs feature to enhance the security of your website. The audit logs allow you to maintain a track of changes that were made to your store. You can control and revert the changes. It lets you keep track of what changes were made, by whom and at what time.


StoreHippo offers the option for white-labelling your website to give your brand recognition. By using your brand name and logo in the frontend as well as the backend of your website. You can use your brand logo while using all your communications and notification tools.


Pricing Overrides

The Price Overrides features allows you to change the pricing of your products for a number of specific conditions. It offers you the functionality to customise the pricing for different audience groups and geographical locations.  


Bulk-order Processing

Bulk-order Processing lets you save time and makes your business processes more efficient with bulk order processing. You can handle multiple orders in one go by bulk order processing functionality without wasting your time on repeated manual processing. 

Enquiry Generation Form

This feature allows you to gather customer inquiries on the product page by offering enquiry generation formsEnquiries are the queries sent by users about their special requests or unique requirements. This will help you to offer special deals to different customers based on their enquiries thus making it possible to explore new business opportunities.

Restricted Login

StoreHippo provides restricted login feature to make login a compulsory function for your store. This functionality is used to ensure the security of your website by collecting additional information about the user. You can also use the email ids thus collected for marketing purposes to promote your business to your customers.

Pricing Comparison

It allows your customers to purchase services or products by offering them a price comparison feature. This feature lets them compare the prices of various merchants on your store that offer different pricing of the same product. 

Wholesale and Retail Prices

The B2B e-commerce solutions set up wholesale as well as retail prices for the two different customer segments. You can increase the sales by offering the best prices to the wholesale or retail users.

Form Builder

A form builder functionality helps to create and customise the existing forms like contact form and seller registration etc.
StoreHippo has powerful form building capabilities to create custom forms to capture the relevant data from your customers for marketing, data analysis or other purposes.

User Roles

StoreHippo provides user roles for granting permission to different user groups. This feature assigns granular and group user roles to access the specific parts of the store.

Tax Rule Engine

StoreHippo offers a comprehensive tax engine that gives you complete control over various taxes. This feature allows you to set up a number of tax rules that you might need to charge on your sales varying with different countries and states. StoreHippo offers full support for all the components of GST.

Customized Invoice Template

StoreHippo provides the functionality to add new invoice templates or customise an existing one for your customer based on their specific requirements. Customizing the invoice templates makes it easier for you to handle tax and discounts to different invoices.

Approval Workflow 

StoreHippo provides the structure of workflow which supports the approval of sellers, orders, and users. This B2B ecommerce solution helps you to secure and manage your B2B site efficiently. 

Single Sign-On

StoreHippo offers SSO (Single Sign On) to make the login process fast and simple while allowing the users to access various services securely without providing their credentials for each instance. This feature helps you to provide easy access to your website and improve your customer experience. 

Minimum Order Quantity

StoreHippo lets you set up a minimum order quantity for bulk purchases. Setting up minimum order quantity for bulk purchases in the B2B e-commerce platform increases the profit margins for your store. 

Request For Quote

StoreHippo provides the RFQ (Request For Quote) feature. When this functionality is enabled in your store, your customers can request for quotations from you. After receiving the quotation request, the admin can assign the request to the seller. The seller can send the response for that request from the seller dashboard and the customer will be notified of the same.


Tier Pricing

StoreHippo allows you to create (Slab based pricing) tier pricing. This functionality allows you to set different prices for different quantities of products. For example, product options like 0-10, 11-20 etc will be available at different prices. On the product page, the option will be applied if the quantity falls within the range.




StoreHippo offers the functionality of wallets in all its stores. Wallets are basically kind of payment method in form of reward/cashback points that can be used by the customers while placing an order.



Fleet Management

StoreHippo offers the carrier management functionality that allows the store admin to add their own delivery associates (carriers) in the panel and assign the order to them for delivery.



Bulk Order Discount

StoreHippo allows you to set up the discounts based on the order quantity. Using this feature, you can provide different discounts to your customers when they buy different quantities of the same product.



Custom Reports

StoreHippo allows you to generate custom reports in your store. This gives you a glance of the statistics of your store as per your requirements. In the custom reports section, you can filter, sort, group the entity reports based on the fields, and lookup fields within the selected time period.




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