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Building an Android Mobile App

Building an Android App is the process of creating an app to making it available to the users by publishing it. You release your application through an application marketplace, such asGoogle Play store. When you publish your app on the Play store, you put your app in front of the immense active customers of the Android play store. Building an Android mobile app on the Play Store involves following five steps:

1. Register for Google Play Android account

To publish an Android app, you first need to register for the Google Play Android account. Register yourself on

2. Generate Signing Keys

Android requires akeystoreto be created for every app published on Google Play Store. 

Android requires that all apps be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed. For more information, go to the Android Developers site.

You can sign your app from the command line using thetool apksigner orconfigure Gradle to sign it for you during the build. Either way, you need to first generate a private keyusing keytool.For example:

keytool-genkey-v -keystore myAppKey.keystore -keyalgRSA -keysize2048 -validity 10000 -alias my-alias

Note: keytool is located inthe bin/ directoryin your JDK. To locate your JDK from Android Studio, select File > Project Structure, and then click SDK Location and you will see the JDK location.

This example prompts you for passwords for thekeystoreand key, and to provide the Distinguished Name fields for your key. It then generates thekeystoreas a file called,myAppKey.keystore saving it in the current directory (you can move it wherever you'd like). Thekeystorecontains a single key that is valid for 10,000 days.

3. Upload Signing Keys on StoreHippo

After thekeystorehas been created, you need to upload it to your store. To configure the signing keys for your Android App, go to Mobile Apps > Mobile Signing Keys section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. To upload the signing keys, fill out the following fields:

  • Title: Enter the name of the App that you are creating.
  • Type: Choose the type of the platform in which you are creating your app, IOS or Android.
  • Keystore: Keystore is a storage mechanism for security certificates. 
  • Key Password: Password for the signing key.
  • Keystore Password: Password for the keystore.
  • Alias: Keypair alias name.

4. Create Mobile App Build

After you have uploaded signing keys, you have everything that you need to create an app. For creating the app in your store, go to  MobileApps > Mobile Apps section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Select the Android Platform and select the Key that you have created in the earlier sections as shown below:

  • Enabled: Check the flag if you want to build the app for Android.
  • Key: The signing key which will be used to sign the app for publishing on the Google Play Store.
  • Preferences: StoreHippo Mobile apps support some custom preferences for the app. Preferences are used for things like android-versionCode, android-targetSdkVersion, and others.
  • API Level: Lets you express an application's compatibility with one or more versions of the Android platform, by means of an API Level integer.

5. Push Notifications

StoreHippo allows you to automatically send the push notifications in Android apps. The Google API key and Project key is prepopulated by StoreHippo as shown in the below screenshot.

However, if you are looking forCloudMessaging configuration, refer Android push notifications.

6. Publish Mobile App on Play Store

Once you are done with the setting up the app, you now have to make your app live on the store.ReferPublishing Android Mobile App on GooglePlaystorefor more information.