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Carrier ( Delivery Boy ) Management

Available in Enterprise Plan and above.

StoreHippo offers the carrier functionality that allows the store admin to add their own delivery boys in the panel and assign the order to them for delivery. 

Managing Carriers

To manage the carriers, go to the Orders >  Carriers section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel

All the active carriers will be listed here.

Adding New Carrier

Adding carriers in your store is very easy. Follow the mentioned steps to add carriers to your store:

  • Clicking on Add New button will open the following form.

  • After entering the values in the fields, click on the Save button. 

Now, the carrier will be added in the store and can deliver the order.

Assigning Carrier

For marking the order as shipped, you need to assign the carrier.

  • Go to the Orders section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  • Click the order to be shipped.
  • In the right section of the page, the order summary will be shown.

  • Click the Add Carrier button and select the carrier for that order.

  • Once you have selected the the carrier, click the Add Carrier button.
  • After assigning the carrier, click the Marked As Shipped button.

  • A pop will open up with the multiple fields.

  • Enter the shipment details.
  • After entering the shipment details, click the Mark As Shipped button.
  • Now, the order will be successfully updated and the buyer will receive an OTP for delivery verification.
  • The delivery associate need to enter that OTP to mark the order delivered.

Marking The Order Delivered

After the order has been assigned to the carrier, it will be reflected on the carrier panel. When the carrier logs in, the order will be shown.

  • Go to the Order section in the Storehippo carrier panel.
  • Click the order to be delivered.
  • In the right section of the page, the order summary will be shown.

  • Enter the OTP received by the customer.
  • After entering the OTP, click the Mark As Delivered button.
  • Now, the status of the order will be changed to delivered.