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Channels allow you to connect your StoreHippo store with third-party applications. Integration with the application through channels take care of authentication, data mapping and error handling required for the exchange of data between the application and StoreHippo platform.

Marketplace Channels

Through marketplace channels, you can integrate your account on popular marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc. with StoreHippo platform. The marketplace channels allow you to sync your products and orders with StoreHippo.

ChannelProduct ImportOrder ImportSearch Product
Amazon SelleryesYesNo
Flipkart Selleryesyes


Amazon AffiliateyesNoyes
Flipkart Affiliateyescoming soonyes

Ecommerce Platform Channels

If you are migrating to StoreHippo from an existing Ecommerce platform, then you use these channels to import your products, orders and customers from your existing platform.

ChannelProduct ImportOrder ImportCustomer Import
Shopifycoming sooncoming sooncoming soon
Magentoyescoming soon

coming soon

Open Cartcoming sooncoming sooncoming soon


YesYescoming soon


coming sooncoming sooncoming soon

Accounting Channels

ChannelOrder SyncInvoice SyncCustomer Sync
Xerocoming sooncoming sooncoming soon
Quickbookscoming sooncoming sooncoming soon
Zoho Bookscoming sooncoming soon

coming soon

Marketing Channels

ChannelOrder SyncInvoice SyncCustomer Sync
Google Merchant Centercoming sooncoming soonYes

Configuring a new channel

Follow the below steps to integrate a channel:

  1. Go to the Channels section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. It shows the list of available channels & channels which are coming soon.
  2. Choose a Marketplace channel and click on the Integrate button to integrate it with StoreHippo.
  3. Fill up all the details in the form of integration. Enter all the mandatory settings which you obtain from the marketplace channel account. Different channels have different settings credentials.
  4. Save the form.

Operations on Channels

There are various operations that can be performed after you have integrated the channels with your store. To perform these operations, you must click on the vertical ellipsis button on the integrated channel. The operations are mentioned as follows:

Test Connection

When a channel is integrated with your store, click on the Test Connection to verify that all the connections between the channel and the store are performing well.


You can edit the channel integration form by clicking on Edit from the drop-down.

Fetch Orders

Click on fetch orders to get the orders from the channel that you've integrated. The CSV file of the orders is mailed to you.

Sync Products

You can sync the products from the integrated channel with the store by choosing the Sync Products option from the drop-down.


You can delete the channel integration form by clicking on Delete from the drop-down