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Common operations in admin panel sections

StoreHippo allows you to perform multiple operations on data records in the admin theme. Given below is an example of products section wherein you can edit, delete, duplicate and perform many other such operations.

Most of these operations are common to all the sections in the admin theme. However, there might be variations for certain entities.

Common operation on Products

In the products section, you will find the list of uploaded products. This section has every option required to monitor your products.You can reach Products List from the left, Open Products section from the left and click on Products from the drop-down.

In the same section, you have options that will help you in managing your products whether new or old.
Given below are the options that will help in product management:

1. Edit

After a product has been added to your store you can edit the details later and make changes to the complete profile of the product. There are two ways by which a product’s details can be edited after it has been saved.


In the products list double click on the product name to open the editing options.


By clicking on the ellipse button and choosing the Edit option which is the first option in the drop-down on the right-hand-side of the page.

  1. Click on the ellipse button as shown below. It will open up a drop-down with Edit option as the topmost option.

    2.  Choose the Edit option.

   3. You can now edit your product and save changes.
Note: You can edit products listed under all the sections – Publish, Unpublish, Pending Approval and Rejected.

2. Delete

To delete a product, click on the ellipse button and choose delete option (which is the second option in the dropdown) on the right-hand-side of the page. 

Bulk delete

If there are many products that you don’t want in your store anymore you can bulk delete those. Select the check box option on the top left corner of the products page as illustrated in the image given below.

After you click on the checkbox button, an ellipse button will appear at top right-hand corner. Click on the ellipse button and choose the delete option to bulk delete the products.

You can also choose individual products and delete as every product has an individual checkbox to select from. After selection choose the delete option from the drop down menu to delete the selected products.

3. Duplicate

Sometimes you might want to duplicate a product that you have created rather than entering all of the details again. This can save your time, as you'll only need to update the product name and any other details that are different. You can duplicate a product by providing unique SKU number.

You can click on the ellipse button to choose the duplicate option which is the third option in the drop-down menu and duplicate the product.

4. Publish

To make your products appear at the storefront, you need to publish your products. The 2 methods using which you can publish a product are-
  • Method-1

Add/Edit a product and click on publish checkbox as shown below.

  • Method-2

Go to the unpublished list under products and turn on the publish slider to publish an unpublished product. Shown below in the image is the slider that you can slide to turn it on.


5. Unpublish

In a case when you temporarily do not want to sell a product or the product is out of stock and might take time in sourcing it again, you can use this functionality. You can hide a product from your store at your convenience by just sliding the bar from yes to no under the publish panel. Shown below in the image is the slider that you can slide to turn it off.


Once a product is unpublished or hidden it automatically gets removed from the published list and is added to the unpublished list. 
Another way by which you can unpublish a product is by editing the publish field of a product. You can simply uncheck the Publish checkbox to unpublish a product.

6. Approve

Approve option is provided to admin to approve products added by different sellers. Admin can approve some products or all products at one click. To approve a product, go to the pending approval/rejected tab under products and select the approve option from the drop-down menu.


Learn more about Manage Approval Flow.

7. Reject

Admin can reject product added by a seller if he doesn’t want that product to be listed at frontend. To reject a product, go to the published/unpublished/pending approval tab under products and select the reject option from the drop-down menu.

8. Pending approval

Products added by the seller which need admin’s approval are listed under pending approval list. The products remain on the list until the admin approves/rejects the products.You can edit a product and change the status of "approve" field under Sellers tab to move a product to pending approval list.

9. Import

Using the Import feature, you can add or update multiple products at the same time. When importing products, you can specify the data in simple CSV format. StoreHippo uses the data from your CSV file and turns it into products in your store. 

10. Export

You can export your products to a .csv file if you want to create a backup, move your existing products to a new Storehippo store, or edit your products in bulk using a spreadsheet. 

11. View reviews

Letting your buyers contribute content to your site is a great way to engage them while also showing new customers that your products are universally adored. Sharing honest reviews from consumers shows you have nothing to hide.
Storehippo provides you this feature to manage reviews added by your customers. 

12. History

History shows the series of past events in terms of actions that have been performed on the product. You can view the history of the product by selecting the history option from the drop-down menu.

A page shown below will open up wherein you can click on view data button to view the history of a product.

13. Search using advanced filters

When you have several products listed on your store, searching for a particular product becomes challenging. By using the Search field in products, you can easily find a product from a large selection of products. Simply enter the name or a word (Phrase) used in the name of the product in the search box and press enter. The product related to your search will show up in the product list. You can also search the product list using product brand, category, collection, and description.

A similar example of search by product name has been given in the image below.

You can also use advanced filters to filter your products based on different fields. Highlighted below is the button for the advanced filter.

Clicking on this button will open up a pop-up as shown below.
 Here, you can select different fields and operators based on the requirement.
  • Name: You can search for a specific product based on its name.
  • Collections: You can search the products based on the collections
  • SKU: You can search the products based on the SKU.
  • Price:  You can search the products based on the price
  • Category:  You can search the products based on the category.
  • Brand:  You can search the products based on the brand.
  • Seller:  You can search the products based on the seller.

View Products

When you have added a product, you might want to see how it appears on the storefront. You can choose View Product from the drop-down. It gets redirects to the storefront and there you can review the product. You can also view categories and collections.