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Configure facebook account kit

StoreHippo allows your customers to log in to your store through Facebook account kit. 

Account Kit lets people quickly and easily register and log into your store by using just their phone number or email address. There is no password needed.

To set up account kit in your store, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to

  2. Click on Get Started.
  3. Enter the App Name and Contact Email in the pop-up opened. Click Next.
  4. Next, Facebook asks for your profession. Choose what you do.
  5. Click on Add your first product. You are entered in your developer's panel.
  6. There you will see options like Account kit, Facebook login, Audience network etc. Click on Account kit to setup account kit for your store.
  7. In next step, select the platform as Web.
  8. Go to Setting on the left bar and click on Basic to set up the basic settings for your store.
  9. Provide all the details such as App domain, App icon, category, URL of privacy policy and terms of service page. Click on Save Changes button.
  10. After you added the basic settings of the app, you need to review it. To review your app, turn on the toggle button as shown in the image below.

  11. When you turn it on, a pop up appears asking if you want to make the app public. Click on Confirm button.
  12. Now, go to Account Kit under Products in the left bar. Click on Settings.
  13. Turn the toggle to Yes. Click on Get started.
  14. The next screen displays all the settings of the account kit. 
  15. You can either allow email login, SMS login or both.
  16. Now, provide the server domain and redirect URLs in the web login settings.
  17. Click on Save changes.
  18. At last, copy App key and app secret.

Configuring Account kit in StoreHippo

Go to Advance settings > Login providers section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to configure the account kit with your store.
Add a new login provider for Account kit. Select type as Account kit.

Enter the API key and API secret you have generated in the above steps. Also, provide the login type as Phone or Email.
Save and enable the login provider.