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Coupon codes

Marketing is an important aspect of your store. Offering coupon code can be a key strategy for your online store.

Go to Marketing > Coupon codes section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Adding a coupon code

To add a new coupon code, click on the Add New button in the top right corner. Clicking the button will open a form with following fields: 

Coupon code

Enter the name of the coupon code.


Enter the description of your coupon code.


Provide the type of coupon code in this field. Type of coupon code can be either flat or percentage.


Enter the amount of the coupon code. The amount is the value of the coupon code.


It defines whether the coupon code is enabled or not. You can enable it by selecting the checkbox. 

Advance settings

In advance settings, there are a number of fields to further configure the coupon code.


Multiple conditions can be defined in a coupon code. Possible conditions which can be specified in coupon code:

  1. Product name

  2. Product quantity

  3. Any Product categories

  4. Product collections

  5. Every Item Categories

  6. Every Item Collections
  7. Order quantity

  8. Order total

  9. User group

  10. Substore

  11. Device

Maximum usage

It defines the allowed limit up to which the coupon code is applicable.

Maximum usage per user

It defines the allowed limit up to which the coupon code can be applied by a user.

Start Date/End Date

To define a time period for which the coupon code is applicable.


To define a coupon code for a specific seller only. The coupon code will be applicable only for the product of specified seller only.

Number of time used

This field tells you how many times the coupon code has been used. It is a read-only field.

Importing / Exporting Coupon Codes

Importing coupon codes 

Coupon codes can be added in bulk by using CSV file. Click on the ellipsis button and select Import option from the drop-down menu.

You can create a new CSV file by referring to the sample file or choose the existing CSV file and upload it to add coupon codes.

Exporting coupon codes

Coupon codes can be exported using export command in the drop-down option.

You can select all or some specific columns and add filters to export. The number of coupon codes to be exported can be specified in Number of records field.