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Customising Checkout Page

Checkout pages are used for the purchase of an item that exists in your cart through the storefront. Along with designing the checkout page, StoreHippo allows you to customize the checkout page in various aspects. You can make changes in the following feature of the checkout flow:

Customise shipping address form

You can customise the shipping address form. Go to Site Forms section in StoreHippo Admin Panel and select the shipping address form to customise it.

Pickup from store option

You can enable the pick up at store functionality. Enabling this functionality allows your customers to choose the order to pick up from the store instead of getting it delivered. You can also create the different time slot for the order pick up and customers can choose the suitable time for the pickup.

Enable four steps checkout

By default, the checkout page includes 3 steps - User Details, Addresses, and Order Summary. However, you can enable the four steps checkout on your store. The four steps checkout on the store is used to give provision to buyers to select from available shipping methods.

Add additional charges

You can add additional charges for the orders placed at your store. You can manage the additional charges under the Settings > Additional Charges section of the StoreHippo Admin Panel

Support for custom order option

The Order Option form is a form when is used to represent the extra information collected at the time of placing an order, such as a gift box, message box, or, delivery date or time. You can customise the order options in the Site > Forms section of the StoreHippo Admin Panel to add the Order Option form.

Show multiple shipping rates

StoreHippo allows you to show multiple shipping methods with different shipping rates to your customers on the checkout page. The customer can choose the desired shipping method. You can add multiple shipping methods in the Settings > Shipping Methods section of the StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Show multiple payment methods

You can provide multiple payment methods to your customers. The different payment methods will be shown to the customers on the checkout page. You can also set up different charges for different payment methods. You can set up multiple payment methods in the Settings > Payment Methods section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Restrict minimum order quantity and total

You can set up the minimum order value and minimum order quantity for your customers. The minimum order value can be set up in the Settings > payment settings section. You can set up the minimum order quantity based on products, shipping methods, and payment methods.

Enable guest checkout

You can enable the guest checkout functionality in your store. When a guest user (the user who has neither registered nor logged in to your store) proceeds to checkout and makes a purchase from your store, it is known as guest checkout. If the guest checkout feature is enabled, the shoppers are not entailed to log into the store. The customer’s information is applied to one order only and is not stored for further reuse.