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Delete user

StoreHippo provides you an option to remove users from your store, the users that you have added or the users who have themselves registered. To delete a user,

1. From your StoreHippo admin, go to the Users page under Customers.


2. Click on the ellipse button at the right hand side of customer that you want to delete.


3. Choose the delete option which is the second option in the dropdown menu.


Bulk delete

If there are many customers that you don’t want in your store anymore you can bulk delete those. Select the check box option on the top left corner of the users as illustrated in the image given below.

After you click on the checkbox button, an ellipse button will appear at top right hand corner. Click on the ellipse button and choose the delete option to bulk delete the users.


You can also choose individual users and delete as every user has an individual checkbox to select it for deletion. After selection, choose the delete option from the drop down menu to delete the selected users.