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Delivery Availability

StoreHippo provides the Delivery Availability option to ensure that the Delivery is available at a particular pin code or area/city. You can upload the pin codes and areas manually or through CSV file.

Enable Delivery Pincodes 

The Enable delivery availability option allows you to add/ upload the pin codes and areas for which you want to provide your services.

Go to Settings > Shipping settings section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Select the enable delivery availability flag and choose the Availability criteria. If you choose Pincodes, the pin code availability is enabled and if you choose Area, the area availability is enabled. 

Delivery availability

Enabling the delivery pin code option will create an entity called Delivery Availability. When Delivery Pincodes option is selected, the user is allowed to check availability with pin codes. If you want your users to check the availability with areas, select Delivery areas.

Go to Settings > Delivery availability section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage the delivery availability through pin code or area.

Adding area or Pincode

Click on Add New to add a new area and pin code. Clicking on add new will open the tab with the following fields:


Enter the pin code or area where delivery is available. Please note that if you use the area as the option then the area/city entered by the user at the time of placing the order need to match exactly with the city specified here.


Enable the flag, if you want the delivery to be available only for prepaid orders and not for COD.


Enable the flag, if you want the delivery to be available on COD as well as prepaid orders.

Note: Once the Pincodes are uploaded in the Delivery Availability, their priority would be the first in case of checking the pin code availability.            
Make sure the areas are in Lowercase while adding/ upload them.