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Designing Contact Page

Contact pages are used to give a channel to users through which they can send theirenquiriesto the store support team/ owner or any other designated person(s).

The URL for contact page is:

A Contact page includes:

  • The admin address 
  • The admin email and contact number
  • The form for submission of contactenquiry

Add a contact form to your store

You can add a contact form to your store to let customers sendenquiry of their issues to the admin account.
Following is a typical contactenquiry form:

Enabling contactenquiry form

The contactenquiryform is by default enabled in all StoreHippo stores. The contact form is one of the built-in forms and is used to control the userenquiryon the storefront. You can find and edit the contact form in Site > Forms section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. 

Using the contactenquiryform on contact page

You can use widget to show the contactenquiryform on the store. The widget uses the contactenquiry form and sendsqueryto admin holder from the data filled by the user. Use the following code to add the contactenquiryform:                           
  <form ms-widget="" ms-data-formname="contact" ng-submit="submit()">
        <div ms-widget="form_layout" ms-data-buttonname="Send Query"></div>
Every StoreHippo theme has a default form_layout widget that contains default implementation of forms. You can customize the form layout as per your brand requirement.