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Designing Footer

Footer widget is common to all Pages. Footer normally contains contact details, physical address, and links to other pages like policies, terms, and conditions etc.

Below is the basic layout and examples of footer widget:


  Example 1:

 Example 2: 


Footer Links

Links in the footer are fetched from navigation. ms.navigation widget is used for this purpose. You can manage Navigations in Site > Navigation section in Storehippo Admin Panel

<!-- in navigation.footer.links, header is the name of navigation -->

<div ms-data-widget="ms.navigation"  ng-repeat="link in navigation.links" ms-data-alias="footer">
     <a data-ng-href="link.url">

Social Links

Social links in the footer are derived from ms.settings object. You can specify your social media partners in Settings > Site Settings section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. 


Return the array of all the social links you have provided in the admin panel.

<div ms-widget="ms.navigation" ms-data-alias="footer">
    <div data-ng-repeat="link in navigation.links">
        <ul data-ng-if="link.children.length">
            <li data-ng-repeat="child in link.children">
                <a data-ng-href="{{child.url}}">{{child.title|msTranslate}}</a>

Tips: In default, StoreHippo themes "font-awesome" icon library is used, which is a third-party library for icons.Address.


You can update your store address in Settings > Store locations section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. For using it in site return


the all the details regarding the address.

<span> {{ms.settings.physical_location.title}}</span>
<span> {{ms.settings.physical_location.address}}</span>
<span >{{ms.settings.physical_location.state}}></span>
<!-- Or -->
<address><span ng-bind="ms.settings.physical_location.title"> </span>
<span ng-bind="ms.settings.physical_location.address"></span>
<span ng-bind=""></span>
<span ng-bind="ms.settings.physical_location.state"></span>
<span ng-bind="ms.settings.physical_location.zip_code"></span>
<span ng-bind=""></span>


Copyright text is fetched from Settings > General section in StoreHippo admin panel.


About the Store

About the store is a brief description of your site. It can be updated in Settings > General > Description in StoreHippo admin console.

<div ng-bind-html="ms.settings.description"></div>

Use ng-bind-htmlfor fields having edit type as HTML in the admin panel.



Q. I want to remove "Copyright" text fromt the footer. Can I do this myself?

Yes, you can. Apply this css in custom css section (design theme): 

Q. I want the social media links to possess in-house colors. How can I achieve this on my own?

Apply the following css in custom css (design theme):

Common CSS ->

i.fa.fa-facebook.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background: #0E1F5D !important; }

Facebook ->
i.fa-facebook.icon-color.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background-color: #0e1f5b !important; } 

Twitter ->
i.fa.fa-twitter.icon-color.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background: #2FC2EF !important; } 

LinkedIn ->
i.fa.fa-linkedin.icon-color.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background: #0077B5 !important; } 

Google plus ->
i.fa.fa-google-plus.icon-color.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background: #d34836 !important; }

Pinterest ->
i.fa.fa-pinterest.icon-color.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background-color: rgb(183, 7, 6) !important; } 

Instagram ->
i.fa.fa-instagram.icon-color.fa-stack-1x.fa-inverse { background-color: rgb(144, 84, 25) !important; }
Q. How can I make the newsletter input box work?

By configuring it through store widgets section. You basically need to have a mailchimp account, and you need to replicate the generated code in the footer section from the design theme.

Q. I happened to import a new theme, and ever since then my footer links went missing from the frontend, though they're there in the backend. How can I fix this?

Try changing footer links to "footer" instead of "footerlinks" or vice-versa.

Q. Footer link(s) is/are redirecting to 404 error page. What's wrong?

That's because the uploaded links are dead and point toward some page that doesn't exist. You can manage them via Admin > Site > Navigation > footerlinks or footer.

Q. I don't want the default social media icons to come. Is there any way through which I can apply some social media icons on my own?

There are a few footers which offer you the freedom to update icons in the form of images through Admin > Site > Banners. Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

Q. I don't want the newsletter option to be there in my (base-store) widget footer. How can I remove the same?

Uncheck "Show Newsletter" checkbox from design theme's footer section.

Q. I've updated social media links from the backend. However, their icons are not getting reflected over the front end, what am I doing wrong?

You're most probably updating links with wrong title. For example, you might be updating "you-tube" (wrong) instead of "youtube" (right).

Q. How to manage social link icons?

These are font-awesome icons linked to store's social profile pages. These are fetched from store settings via global object ms.settings.

Q. How to add newsletter?

Mailchimp code snippet can be added. This is specific to the account on mailchimp.

Q. How to add links to the footer?

All links on header or footer or any other page are managed from 'ms.navigations' entity. One may add any link or any category to navigations entity. Path is  Site -> Navigation. Links are grouped i.e. added in the form of group of arrays. Use a directive ms-widget="ms.navigations" in the html element to access all the added links. Now all the grouped links can be accessed from navigation object. For example: 'navigation.topheader.links' is an array of links of topheader section. Each link has a title and url. To use it in code ng-repeat directive can be used. 

<div ng-repeat=”link in navigation.footer.links”>
           <a data-ng-href=”link.url”> {{link.title}} </a>
Q. Can we add external links and categories?

Yes, only you have to specify its absolute url.

Q. I'm selling my goods in multiple currencies. I don't want the rupee icon to come in the mobile footer, reason being obvious. How can I fix this?

You can do this through design theme. Head to the HTML editing section. Edit the footer. Now, all you need to do is, locate "fa-inr" class and replace it with any of the classes available at font awesome's icon library.

Q. How to change colors and backgrounds of various parts of footer?

Colors and background colors are variables which can be changed from Design Theme. Hex code values of various colors can be used. 
Variables should be there to change colors of links, text, background, and link hovers.
Footer variables : To use these variables "footer" class should be there.

footer-color(refers to text color) 

These variables can be managed from Site -> Themes -> THEMES IN USE -> Edit -> Variables.
To specify css variations based on these variables or any other created variable use less file. One may find this file using the path as :
Site -> Themes -> THEMES IN USE -> Edit -> Variants -> Less File.
For example:
If we need all the links in footer to have a variable color i.e. it can be changed from Design Theme then we may write the following code in Less File.

.footer a { color : @footer-link-color }
This means 'footer-link-color' variable will specify the color of '.footer a' selector.