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StoreHippo allows you to create storewide discount rules based on product category, collection, brands, and other parameters.

You can manage the discounts in the Marketing > Discounts section of StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Adding a Discount

To add a new discount, click on the Add New button in the top right corner. Clicking on the button will open a form with following fields: 


Enter the name of the discount rule. This name will be visible to the customer at the storefront.

Rule Type

Rule type defines whether the discount is product based or order based.  Let's see what each of them mean:

Product based

Product based discounts are applied at the product level. The discount rule will be automatically applied to the product price on Storefront wherever the product is displayed e.g. in the product listing, product page or in the cart.

Order based

Order based discounts are applied at the cart level. 


You can define the amount of the discount as a flat or percentage amount.

Apply on

By default, the discount rule is applied to all products/orders. However, you can also choose to apply the discount rule when specific conditions are met. If you choose to define conditions then the discount rule will be applied only when product/order meet all of the specified conditions.

  •  Possible conditions in the case of Product Based rule type:

  1. Product Name

  2. Product Categories

  3. Product collections

  4. User group

  5. Device

  •  Possible conditions in the case of Order Based rule type:

  1. Product Categories

  2. Product collections

  3. Product quantity

  4. Order total

  5. Order quantity

  6. User group

  7. Device


It defines whether the discount is enabled or not. You can enable it by selecting the checkbox.

Advanced settings

In advanced settings, there are a number of fields to further configure the discount.

Maximum usage

It defines the allowed limit up to which the discount is applicable.

Start Date/End Date

It defines a time period for which the discount is applicable.


To define a discount for a specific seller only. The discount will be applicable only for the product of the specified seller only.

Number of times used 

This field tells you how many times the discount has been used. It is a read-only field.

Exporting/Importing Discounts

Importing Discounts

Discounts can be added in bulk by using the CSV format. Click on the ellipsis button and select the Import option from the drop-down menu.

You can create a new CSV file by referring sample file or choose the existing CSV file and upload it toadddiscounts.

Exporting Discounts

Discounts can be exported using export command in the drop-down option.

You can select all or some specific columns and add filters to export. The number of discounts to be exported can be specified in Number of records field.