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DLT Platform

 Note: For Indian customers only

TRAI has released a notification to overcome the problem of unsolicited SMS. As per the latest TRAI guidelines, every business(Principal Entity) will now have to register with the Telecom Operators(Access Providers) to continue sending SMS to their customers. The registration is to be done on the DLT platform. DLT registration is mandatory for every business and entity in order to continue sending SMS to their customers.

About DLT

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is an online system maintaining the record of every detail entered in the panel. It is a shared database panel that will be administered using blockchain technology and all the entities present in the panel will be interconnected with each other. DLT platform is active now and it is updating its SMS regulations. 

The companies who want to communicate with their customers will now have to register themselves with Telecom Operators for sending SMS. The Businesses and Bulk SMS Service Providers will be accountable to telecom operators who will be directly accountable to TRAI. This move is aimed at reducing spam and fraudulent messages. 

Impact on SMS notifications

As of now, the StoreHippo team has taken steps to make sure the SMS notifications are not affected, especially the critical ones like OTP verification. For Indian customers who are using  StoreHippo SMS gateway, we have gotten the SMS templates submitted on the DLT platform. As the new regulations require the brand name to be sent along with the content, the SMS will have "HIPPO", "STRHPO" or "MSTOR" as sender ID and in the SMS content. As of now, we will continue to support the built-in SMS gateway for some time to avoid any disruption but gradually you will have to get your own registration on the DLT platform and have your own SMS gateway in order to continue sending SMS notifications.

Compliance with TRAI SMS regulations

You need to comply with TRAI SMS regulations for sending messages to your customers. In order to get complied with new SMS regulations:

  • Have your own SMS gateway and account. 
  • Register yourself on the DLT platform as a Principal Entity with unique SMS header ID, content, and user content.
  • Verify the content of every SMS with the registered text and get the SMS templates approved before delivering it to the end consumers. Principal entities are mandatorily required to upload their content templates into the DLT system of any of the TSPs. Further, all the PE’s should complete the testing, verification, and get systems ready for the content template.

In the absence of any mentioned deployment or readiness, the service may get impacted. 

Apart from that, submit the list of existing subscriber's consent and also ensure that the new consents of the subscribers get registered in the DLT System failing which Principal Entities will not be able to send promotional messages to the subscribers who have not opted for such preference.

Note: Every message MUST include your Brand Name for every template.

Supported SMS gateways

StoreHippo supports multiple SMS providers. Below is the list of supported SMS gateways: 

  • SMS Gateway Hub
  • ValueFirst
  • MSG91
  • Textlocal
  • Amazon SNS
  • Plivo
  • Airtel SMS Gateway
  • Gupshup
  • MSG Advert SMS gateway

Registering on DLT platform

There are two types of DLT registration entity registration and telemarketer registration. You need to register as the entity.

  1. Visit any of the links mentioned below of your choice. 
  2. Select "As Enterprise" as the type.
  3. Select "No" for the "Have you registered with any other Mobile Operator DLT Network?" question.
  4. Enter Your Business PAN Number.
  5. Fill the form with Required Details.
  6. Verify your email and phone number.
  7. Login to portal.
  8. Upload required documents and fill up the required details.
  9. After completion, you will get your registration number.
  10. You will get your enterprise registration ID within 72 hours of your KYC upload.
  11. After registration is approved, log in and proceed to add your headers and SMS templates.

Adding Principal Entity on SMS gateway

Once you have registered on the DLT platform, you need to register on the SMS gateway. After registering, add the Principal Entity/ Registration ID that you have got from your provider.

  • Login to your SMS provider account.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Find the Principal Entity or Registration ID field.
  • Mention the registration ID and save the changes.

Now, you can start sending messages without any hindrance. The sole objective of the regulation is to bring transparency into the system and it is expected that with the use of Blockchain-based DLT platform, unsolicited, spam, and fraudulent activities can be minimized to a great extent.