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A domain (or domain name) is the address of the website that users use to access your store in their browsers. StoreHippo allows you to set up one or more domains for your store.

Adding a domain in StoreHippo involves two steps:

  • Add the domain in StoreHippo using StoreHippo admin panel.

  • Setup the domain to point it to StoreHippo servers using the domain providers panel. 

Go to Settings > Domains in your StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage the domains.

Adding Domain in StoreHippo Admin Panel 

To add the domain in StoreHippo, click on Add New button. Clicking the button will open a form asking for the domain name. 


Enter the domain or subdomain that you want to add.

Click on Save button to add the domain.

Adding Multiple Domains in StoreHippo Admin Panel

StoreHippo allows you to add up to 10 domains. The store can be available on all the domains. You can set up a primary domain and redirect other domains to the primary domain.

Troubleshoot your domain

StoreHippo troubleshooting tool helps you to get details of your domain as well as to debug the issue with DNS configuration in one click.  

For troubleshoot a domain you just need to click on Troubleshoot button in domain section. Within seconds, it will give you all the details of your domain such as domain expiration date, domain registrar, A record, Cname etc. 

If there is an issue in DNS configuration, it will show you a warning symbol. To reconfigure the DNS record, you need to click on the information symbol which will redirect you to the StoreHippo help center.   

Setting up the domain in Domain Provider's Admin Panel

This requires changing the DNS settings for the domain in your Domain provider account (e.g. Godaddy, Bigrock etc.). Please refer to setup your domain for instructions on how to go about it.

Setting up SSL Certificate for the domain

Youmight also want to set up an SSL certificate for your domain. StoreHippo provides free SSL certificates to all their stores. Users can also use their own SSL certificate.