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Editing Notifications

StoreHippo allows you to edit the content of the notifications and modify them as per your brand requirement.


StoreHippo uses Handlebars as the programming language for notifications. For more details, please refer handlebarsjs.

Simple Usage

Handlebars templates look like regular HTML, with embedded handlebars expressions. A handlebars expression is a {{, some contents, followed by a }}.

<div class="entry">
  <div class="body">


Handlers allow you to execute some logic on the data. StoreHippo provides a number of built-in handlers in addition to the ones provided with Handlebars.

Built-in Handlers

Currency : Used to display the default currency symbol of the store if not selected than Rs will display. e.g 
{{currency 'Rs' some contents}}

Date: Used for format the date e.g
{{date content}} or {{date content format}}
In this you have provision to show the date in 3 formats like
data-month-year : dd/mm/yy ,
month-date-year: mm/dd/yy,
year-month-date: yy/mm/dd

resolveStorePath: Returns the path of product image e.g 
{{resolveStorePath content}}

isObjectHasKeys: Used to check if objects has keys or not e.g
{{# isObjectHasKeys content}}

compare: used to check particular condition e.g

{{#compare this.content "1" operator=">"}}
{{/compare }}

resolveCdnPath: Returns the cdn path used to display the store logo e.g 
{{resolveCdnPath content}}

each: If data is in Array  - use  {{#each}} --data which are repeated in this array lies--{{/each}} . e.g
If we know somecontent are coming in array so we used
{{#each content}}--{{/each}}

if: Used to check if the value exist or not e.g
{{# if content}} {{/if}}

For getting data in array e.g

If we know in content array we are getting date and name so we can right.
{{#each content}}
{{this.date}}  //it will provide the data lies in  order.date
{{this.name}}  //it will provide the data lies in  order.seller_name

Words: Returns the value in words. Used to display the order value in words e.g

Value of order total : {{order.total}} as 1870
Value of order total in words: {{words order.total}} as one thousand eight hundred and seventy only.