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Email Logs

StoreHippo allows you to maintain a track of emails sent or received via Email logs. You can view orders received, order confirmation, notification emails, etc. in the email logs. 

Go to the Logs > Email logs section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel to view the email logs.

Explanation of Email Log

Following is  the summary of a sample email log record:

To: The email address of the receiver.

From: The email address of the sender.

Mailer: The column shows the mailer detail.

Created on: The date on which the log record was created. 

Event: Whether the email was sent or received.

Key: The key of the email log record. 

Actions: The Actions column contains the list of the actions that can be performed on the email log record.


The summary tab shows a more detailed view that has more fields in addition to the fields explained above.

  • To: The email address of the receiver.
  • From: The email address of the sender.
  • Mailer: This section shows the mailer name, such as order_apprval, seller_approved, etc.
  • Subject: This field shows the subject of the mail notification.
  • Message: This section shows the message that was sent.
  • Cc: The 
  • Bcc
  • Reply to
  • Provider
  • Status
  • Error
  • Created on
  • Response


Q. I can see success in email logs but email is still not delivered

Following are the possible reasons for email not getting delivered:

1. Your domain provider's DNS record has a SPF record that is blocking us from sending the emails on your behalf. 

Solution: You need to allow the domain '' in your  SPF record to allow it to send emails from your domain.

TXT       "v=spf1"