Integration with Enhance-ecommerce Events with google analytics.

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To enable your Enhance-ecommerce activities:

After enable enhance ecommerce settings in your analytics account, How To implement it on your store.

Note : UA-xxxxxx-x is the unique google analytics id
  • This analytics id relates and check your ecommerce events and track the data.


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In order to use the javascript SDK, you should first add the Enhance-ecommerce to your page.

Afterwards, the Tag API can then be used to record specific actions on your website. The standard is To load the enhanced ecommerce plugin, by using the following command:

ga('require', 'ec');

Standard and Custom events for Measuring Ecommerce Activities

A typical enhanced ecommerce implementation will measure product impressions, and any of the following actions:

  • Clicks on a product link.
  • Viewing product details.
  • Impressions and clicks of internal promotions.
  • Adding / removing a product from a shopping cart.
  • Initiating the checkout process for a product.
  • Purchases and refunds.

Measuring a Product Details View

  • After clicking on the product listing, a user views the product details page.
  • To measure this product details view, use ec:addProduct and ec:setAction to specify a detail action

Measuring an Addition or Removal product from Cart.

Measuring the products impression on Search Page.

Measuring Transactions of items or products.

How to identify enhance ecommerce is working or not ?

What Enhance-ecommerce app does in storehippo admin ?

Enhance-ecommerce tag is working according to store basis so it is different for all different stores and clients.The different data of products with different events is sending on ecommerce by calling its api.

  • If theme is global/local - You have to use Enhance-ecommerce app for tracking by input correct google analytic id.

How Enhance-ecommerce conversion app works :

  • The app has taken the id(google analytic id) as input and make a startup controller in admin.
  • The startup controllers runs on loading of site and registers the events which is working on state change on website.
  • The tracking of Enhance-ecommerce code contains different events on different pages.
  • The events are describe as earlier : Product Details View , products impression on Search Page , Transactions of products , Addition or Removal product from Cart
  • The data to eci=ommerce is sending according to pages and events fired on state changes on website.


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