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Enquiries are the queries sent by users about their problems. For enquiries, the users have to fill up the form provided on the contact page of every store.

The enquiries are for internal use. Superadmin of the store receives the notification whenever a user sends an enquiry. You can view and delete the enquiries. You can reply to the customers' queries through mail or phone and mark the enquiry as replied.

Go to Users > Enquiries section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage enquiries.

Search and Filter Enquiries

If there are many users in the panel and you need to filter specific users out of the list, you can easily search and filter the specific user or users to view detail, edit etc.

Search Users

You can use the quick search box to search users by name.

Filter Users

You can create filters using one or more fields in the filters. Filters can be accessed by click on the filter icon on the left side of the search bar. Advanced filters help you refine the search and helps you search the enquiries by the email, phone number of the user.


Operations on Enquiries


Select an enquiry and click on the vertical ellipsis button by it. Choose the view option from the drop-down to view all the details of the enquiry. You can also add the notes for yourself or your team if required and view the history of the actions on the enquiry.


You can also delete an enquiry or enquiries in bulk by choosing the delete option.


Set upenquiryform

By default, a global enquiry form is provided by StoreHippo. Go to Forms to edit the enquiry form. Click on the Contact form and edit it accordingly.

Set up product enquiry form

StoreHippo allows you to set up your enquiry form on a product page. You can provide a product enquiry form on the product page for your customers to send any query/issue about the product. You can access the product enquiry form in the Forms section same as the contact form and modify the fields if required.

Follow thebelow-mentionedsteps to enable the product enquiry form on the Product page:

  1. Go to Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  2. Add/edit a product.
  3. Go to the Miscellaneous tab and search for the Is Catalog field.
  4. Select the Is Catalog check box to enable the enquiry form on your product page.
  5. Go to Design theme in StoreHippo Admin Panel
  6. In the Design section, click on More variables and choose Widgets.
  7. Search for Product widget in the list and update its value to ms.th3.product1.