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Example: Adding images via CSV

Scenario: Suppose you own a store selling varieties of products. You need images for your products. Let us take an example of a bag. You want to upload various images of the bag displaying different angles without wasting your time in the manual upload.

StoreHippo provides the effortless process to upload your products in bulk via CSV. As you can only provide the URL of the images in the CSV file, you first need to prepare the images for uploading them in your store.

Preparing Images for CSV file

A CSV file can only contain text. So you'll need to ensure all product images are on an existing website. Those image URLs will only be used during the CSV importing process (in other words, you can delete them when your import is done).
  • If the files are on your computer only,

    • You can upload them in bulk to the Site > Files section of your StoreHippo Admin Panel. Once uploaded to files section you can use the relative path of the file. For example: abc.jpgfolder1/abc.jpg etc or use the full URL of the uploaded image file. Please refer Files for more details.

    • You can also upload the files to another image hosting service like Dropbox, Google drives etc and uses the link to the image URLs in CSV.

  • If you are switching to StoreHippo from another platform, you're all set. Just copy the current image URLs and use them in the CSV file.

  • If the product CSV file was produced by exporting your products from StoreHippo then you don't need to do anything since your images are already on your website.

Uploading Images

For uploading images to your store, follow the below steps:
  1. Export all products or specific products for which you want to add images.
  2. View the downloaded CSV file. The CSV file appears like this:

  3. Go to the image1 column of the product for which you want to add images. Provide the URL of the image. Then enter the caption of the image in the image1_caption column and tags for the image in image1_tags. For example; you can put image as
    http://cdn.storehippo.com/s/593cd26.jpg, caption as red and tag as red. 

  4. If you want to add more such images, add more fields such as images2, images2_caption & image2_tags and so on in the header column and provide their values.
  5. When you have entered all required images, import the CSV file in the Products section of the admin panel. The images will be updated in the admin panel and storefront.