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Export logs

Export logs allow you to keep track of the export processes in your store. Once you have exported a file, you can view the general file data in the export logs. 

Go to Logs > Export Logs section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to access the export logs.

The export logs contain two tabs explained below:


The general tab shows a detailed summary of the export log record.

  • Entity: The name of the entity in which the file is imported.
  • Status: The status of the import log record, whether it is complete or failed.
  • Created on: The date and time on which the file was imported.
  • Send to: The email id to which the file is sent.
  • Number of Records: The total number of records in the file.
  • Start marker: The starting index for the exported file.
  • Type: The type if all columns or specific columns were selected.
  • Columns: The specific columns that were exported.
  • Filters: The filters applied to the exported file.
  • File: The downloadable link of the file exported.


The history tab contains the record of the export process.