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FedEx Account Integration

Integrating your own FedEx account is an extensive process. The following steps are needed to be followed for successfully integrating FedEx (Domestic/ International) Account.

Generating Test Credentials

After you set up an account with FedEx, you will receive an email regarding FedEx Web Services solutions. Use the guidelines provided in the said email to generate the testing credentials.

Verifying Test Labels

Use the above testing credentials to install the FedEx, go to Settings > Logistics Provider section in StoreHippo Admin Panel

Create pickup through Orders > Ship Now for an order from your Admin Panel using Fedex - test as the shipping method.

Repeat the process to generate test shipping labels, COD return labels for available services and share the same with FedEx Team for verification. 
If the FedEx Team reverts to any crucial change, the same will be done by StoreHippo.

Generating Production Credentials

After successful verification of the testing shipping labels, follow the guidelines provided by FedEx to generate credentials for their production environment and ask them to activate shipping services for the same.

Using Your Live FedEx Account

After getting the production credentials activated by FedEx, provide your live credentials of FedEx account in the account setting of FedEx in the admin panel. 
Ship your order using FedEx as shipping method and ask FedEx team for confirmation of the same.

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Note: If you are using both FedEx domestic and international services, you have to integrate separately and use them accordingly.