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First Steps for new developers

First Steps for new developers

  • Go through the site thoroughly to understand the product and our offerings.
  • Create the free trial store and go through each section of the admin panel. This trial store will be your playground during your tenure at StoreHippo.
  • Make sure to add data in each section in the admin panel and understand its use.
  • Use this help center for any help in setting up the store.
  • Setup Webstorm Editor with Github repository  (
  • Go through the API reference (
  • Use StoreHippo SDK to call the StoreHippo REST APIs.
  • Go through Mocha test cases for basic APIs and write a few sample test cases. See Automated Testing.
  • Go through the following topics and note down your queries.

Freshers/Interns Only

  • Setup Webstorm Editor with Github repository  (
    • Create a GitHub account with your hippoinnovations id. 
    • Ask the team to give you access to the training repository of Hippo Innovations.
    • Create a folder with your name in that repository.
  • Go through W3C tutorial for HTML5, Javascript basic, Javascript advanced, CSS
  • Make sure you commit your testing code daily in Github repository under your folder. You must do that very frequently and at least once in a day.
  • In the end, you will create a CRUD application. The details will be shared with you. 
    • In the CRUD application, you will add, updated, delete and edit the records e.g. user management or books management.
    • You will get your store enabled for level5 so you can create custom entities.
    • Use StoreHippo SDK to call the StoreHippo REST APIs.
    • Use the StoreHippo REST APIS to add, edit, list and delete the data in the custom entities.
    • Once you have used REST APIs, the next step will be to convert that application using entity widgets and forms.  (the theme developer)

Local Environment Setup

To work locally, developer need to follow these steps.

Step1: Download Webstorm and Checkout the code using your Github ID. You should create a Github ID with your hippoinnovations email id and share with server team so they can give you access to the repository

Step 2: Install mongodb and import the database dump of your trial store. For this ask the server team to create a copy of your trial store and share the database dump with you.

Step 3: Add a Node.js configuration in webstorm to start the application. Once your set up the webstorm http://yourstore-dev.storehippo.manu:3000/ will render from your code and connect to your local mongodb (You need to add an entry to /etc/hosts to point yourstore-dev.storehippo.manu to

Now you can make changes to the code and test it on your local store. You can also run the automated test cases against your local store.