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Available in Premium Plan and above.

StoreHippo has powerful form building capabilities that can be used to build and customize different forms for your store. 

You can manage the forms in the Site > Forms section of StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Built-in Forms

StoreHippo provides a number of built-in forms that are used in store themes. Following is the list of built-in forms available:

loginUser login form
registerUser registration form
sellerSeller Registration
billing_addressBilling address form used incheckoutflow
shipping_addressShipping address form used incheckoutflow
contactThe form on Contact Us page
order_optionsForm used to collect order options from the user
personal_infoForm used to collect personal information of the user
user_addressForm used to collect the address of the user
edit_user_addressForm to edit user address information.
ship_nowThe ship now form used in the shipping process
rate_calculatorThe rate calculator form used to calculate the real-time shipment rates
affiliateThe affiliate registration form

What can you do with Built-in forms?

  • Edit the field label
  • Edit the field type
  • Edit field validation rule
  • Add custom field
  • Hide an optional field from the form
Note: You can not delete the mandatory fields in the built-in forms.

Custom forms

At several occasions, you might need to create custom forms to capture user input from your customers for marketing, auditing, data analysis or other purposes. StoreHippo allows you to create custom forms and uses them in store themes and on static pages.  


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