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General Settings

You can access general settings by going to Settings > General section in your StoreHippo Admin Panel.


General Settings will havefollowingfields:  

Store Name

Store Name should be short and vigilantly selected. Store Name is used to refer to the store wherever required e.g. in mail notifications. This is different from SEO title (defined in Settings > SEO section) which is used as the default page title on the StoreFront. 


Here you can publish the Logo of your store. Logois used in the site header on the Storefront as well as in Notifications.

Mobile Logo 

Generally, mobile themes require a short and crisp logo which is different from the logo that appears on bigger screens. This field allows you to specify an alternate mobile logo that can be used in mobile themes. 


Favicon (short forfavoriteicon)  is the small icon that appears in the address bar of a browser accessing the site. Your store favicon should be unique and should be derived out of your brand icons and guidelines.


A brief introductionofyour store and your company that should briefly cover your ‘About Us’ details. The description is used in the footer of different themes to let customers give a brief overview of the store.

This is different from meta description for SEO purposes (defined in Settings > SEO section).

To create About Us page on your Storefront, you should use Pages.    

Contact Email 

Email through which your customers can reach out to you, wherein they can share their grievances or can also contribute to your store’s enhancements with their feedbacks. This will also be represented as your support email and will be displayed on your live store.

Contact Phone

Contact number, a landline or a mobile, which will let your customers interact with you or reach out to you for a telephonic conversation.

Product Default Weight

The default weight of the product sold by your store.

Transaction ID Prefix

Prefix or initials from which a transaction number will start when a new transaction is done in your store.

Auto Publish Review

Check this box if you want to get the reviews of your store automatically posted on your site. If unchecked, then the store owner can review every review before publishing it on their site. 


Legal Name and Authorization stamping which will safeguard your store’s content, pictures and other essential elements that you would not like your competitors to copy or duplicate.

Update Default Variant on Out of Stock

When 'Update Default Variant' is selected then in case if a particular variant of a product goes out of stock, default variant shows up. If the default variant is also out of stock then the product is not shown.

If one selects 'Don't Update Default Variant' and that particular variant is out of stock, then that variant does not show on your store. 

Under Construction

It is the image which appears when your store is under maintenance.

Password Page

Enable the password page which is a single page banner that restricts the visitors to access the store before its launch. You can only access the store once you enter the password that you set here.

Default Time Zone

Select your country’s local time zone from the drop-down list. This would then track all the activities on your store basis your set time zone. 

Use Cache

Upon enabling use cache, one would be able to know about the user's basic info, shopping patterns, etc.

Old Admin Theme

One can check this box if they want to use the old admin theme for their store.

Enable PartialFulfillments

Check this box, if you want to enable partialfulfillmentson the orders on your store.