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Geolocation details are available or each user in each requests.

In frontend, geolocation details can be accessed using the variable
1. AngularJS


2. JavaScript

In backend, geolocation details can be accessed using the variable

Geolocation Object

The geolocation object is same for the frontend as well as backend which is :-

 range: [ <low bound of IP block>, <high bound of IP block> ],
 country: 'XX',                 // 2 letter ISO-3166-1 country code 
 region: 'RR',                  // 2 character region code.  For US states this is the 2 letter 
                                // ISO-3166-2 subcountry code for other countries, this is the 
                                // FIPS 10-4 subcountry code 
city: "City Name",              // This is the full city name 
ll: [<latitude>, <longitude>]   // The latitude and longitude of the city 

The actual values for the range array depend on whether the IP is IPv4 or IPv6 and should be considered internal to StoreHippo.


IP :
The corresponding geolocation object for the above IP would be 
    range: [ 915668992, 915800063 ],
    country: 'US',
    region: 'OR',
    city: 'Boardman',
    ll: [ 45.7788, -119.529 ],
    metro: 810 

1. Metro Code is for US only
2. Region and City is not always present and depends on the IP.