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Hash keys for google and facebook for playstore.

The Google Play Store re-signs your apk with a new key,

and this what you must provide to Facebook as the key hash (not the one generated using keytool).

Basically you need to provide Facebook with the hash based on the SHA-1 App signing certificate Google generated, instead of using keytool and your local key (which it seems is now just used for uploading to Google).

You have to use the SHA-1 key generated by Google. Following steps would fix it.

1). Go to Google console => Release Management => App signing => App signing certificate.

2). Copy SHA-1 certificate from there and as it's in hexadecimal and since Facebook needs it in base64 so use the command shown in step 3

3).echo SHA-1 key from step-2 (Hexadecimal) | xxd -r -p | openssl base64
This command won't work in command prompt use bash on windows or git cli.

4). Paste the base64 key in Facebook console => Settings => basic =key hashes