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Hire a StoreHippo expert to prepare CSV for your product catalog

While migrating your store from some other platform/marketplaces, you need to export your complete productcatalogto StoreHippo. StoreHippo allows you to import the complete product data in bulk through CSV. However, the format of the CSV file of the other platform/marketplace could be different than the format compatible with StoreHippo. In that case, you need to prepare the product CSV compatible with StoreHippo. 

StoreHippo provides you with an option to hire a StoreHippo expert who will prepare the productcatalogcompatible with StoreHippo for you. The charges for the services are mentioned below:

Rs 20 per product SKU for small data.

Custom plan for large data where we can provide you with a discount on preparing the complete productcatalog. For the details about the custom plan, you can speak to our support team.