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How to add image in a product description

Images are an important part of your product description. Descriptive images not only help in enhancing the product appearance on the store, but it also engages the customers. StoreHippo allows you to add one/multiple image in a product description. For example: If your product is a T-shirt then you can add images about the type of fabric, color or any other quality of the product about which you want your customers to know.

You can follow the steps below to add images in a product description while adding a product or editing a product. 

  • Click on Products in the side panel on the left to access product section. 

  • While adding/editing a product click on insert image icon in the product descrition.
  • You can choose your desired image by clicking on source icon and you can also define the dimenion of the image.
  • Click on Ok to add the image in the description and click on save on the top right hand side to save the changes on the product.

Adding responsive images