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How to add testimonials to the theme ?

StoreHippo allows you to manage testimonials. 

Managing testimonials

You can manage the testimonials using the following link.


Adding Testimonials to the theme

You can use theme designer to add the testimonials to your theme code.

Option 1

Add the pre-built widget 'testimonials'. Most standard StoreHippo themes have this widget. You can directly include that.

<div ms-widget="testimonial"></div>

Option 2

Use ms.testimonials widget to render testimonials on your theme. It will provide you an testimonials data in aray form.

Code example of ms.testimonials widget can go here.

<div ms-widget="ms.testimonials" class="testimonials">
 <div ng-repeat="testimonial in testimonials">
   <div class="image">
     <img class="img-responsive" ng-src="{{testimonial.image|image:'640x640'}}">
    <p ng-bind-html="testimonial.description"></p>