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How to create custom events using custom conversions?

Custom conversions let you streamline your ads for all URL traffic and custom events, that can't be simplified on their own. To streamline for them, you can create a custom conversion and choose a standard event category that's similar to the action that you want to optimise. Then Facebook can display your ads to people most likely to complete that action. 

Note: All URL traffic is determined by using PageView events, which is part of your Facebook pixel base code.

Before you begin, set up a Facebook pixel on your website.

Use custom conversions to optimise for URL traffic and custom events

To use custom conversions to streamline for all URL traffic or a custom event:

  1. Go to custom conversions in Events Manager.
  2. Click Create custom conversion.
  3. Select your data source.
  4. Select a custom event or all URL traffic as your website event
  5. Set up a rule using a URL or event parameters.
  6. Note: You can't set up event parameter rules if you select all URL traffic as your website event. You can set up event parameter rules for standard and custom events.
  7. Set up a URL rule.
  8. Set up an event parameter rule.
  9. Optional: Click Add another rule if you'd like to add more rules.
  10. Enter a name for your custom conversion.
  11. Optional: Click Add a description and type your description.
  12. If you selected all URL traffic or a custom event as your conversion event, choose the standard event category that best describes the conversion event that you're optimising.
  13. Optional: Enter a conversion value. Only use this field if the events in your custom conversion don't already have a conversion value. Use whole numbers and don't include any additional characters, such as a pound sign.
  14. Click Create.

Now you can use your custom conversion to optimise on all URL traffic and custom events.