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How to embed forms in pages?

After a custom form is created, you might need to use forms in your pages to capture user input from your customers. StoreHippo allows you to use theme widgets including forms widgets in pages. You can add forms to a static page in three easy steps:

Adding form widget to the page

When you have created a form and page on which you want to display the form, you are required to add the form widget to the page. To do so, follow thebelow-mentionedsteps:

  1. Go to Site > Pages section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.
  2. Add or edit a page.
  3. Select Code Editor while editing the content.
  4. Add the form widget code to display the form on the page. An example of embedding enquiry form in a page is shown below.

    for VueJs code (New themes):
    <ms-forms formname=" enquiry " @success="ms.reload();"> 
        <div class="form" v-if="!loading"> 
            <w-form-layout :form="form"></w-form-layout> 

    for AngularJs code
    <div ms-widget="ms.forms" ms-data-formname="enquiry" ms-data-buttonname="Submit">
        <form name="enquiry" ng-submit="submit()">
           <div ms-widget="ms.th3.form_layout1"></div>
  5. Save the page by clicking on Save button.
  6. The page embedded with the form will look as such: