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How to provide a downloadable PDF link.

In oder to add the pdf to the required description page, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1). Go to Site>Files

2) Click on "Add new"  to add the files. jpeg,jpg,pdf,gif are the file formats that are supported.

3) Click on drop files to add files from your folders into the system.

4) Once the file is uploaded you can click on save to save the file. You can also remove the file.

5). The file can be viewed in the listing along with other files.

6). Click on View File to copy the URL of that file.


Link the PDF to a text

7). Once you have the URL, go to the Description and Content section of the products and static page respectively.

8). Say you want to link the text well designed solar lights to the pdf, choose the text and click on link:

9). Mention the URL and click on Ok.

Link the PDF to an image

10). Select the image that you want to link.

11). Click on Link to add the URL.

12). Mention the Link in the URL and click on Ok.