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How to have different static content for different substores

If you have configured multiple substores, you might want to have different content for different substores. For example, you want to have different privacy policies. Following are the steps that you can perform to achieve that.

1. Go to Site > Pages section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage pages.

2. Open the page that you want to edit

4. Go to the Code Editor tab in Content field

In Code Editor you can define the following conditions for substores. Code Editor allows you to write code the same way you edit your themes. For detailed reference on global objects that you can use in the code, please refer the global objects documentation.

<div ng-if="ms.substore.alias == 'china'">
 Privacy Policy for China

<div ng-if="ms.substore.alias == 'india'">
 Privacy Policy for India

Similarly, you can have content specific to substores (ms.substore), user location (ms.geolocation) or user group (ms.user) etc.