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Import Export (Developer guide)

This is the internal guide for managing import exports for developers. Currently there are two seprate node process which is running on betahippo for import exports. We are using below two urls for access these. 

For import${function_name}/${function_execution_id}?code="code"

For exports${function_execution_id}?code=""code"


function_name = name of function

function_execution_id = function id for the function
code= "access key which may find in the code"


There are 3 below git branches for hippofunction

hippofunctions3 (For imports)

Master (For exports)

Development (Copy of Master branch)

We are using import exports for almost all the entities.


To check the status for functions:

To check the status for these functions for all stores we can use below URL.

To debug this locally:

To debug it locally we need to change the dev.json file. In functions we have to change below three parameters.

allow_local = true

default_execute_local = true

local_root = (Root directory for functions)

Code file for debugging Export 

F:\Work\hippofunctions\exports\function.js (In Master/development branch)

Code file for debugging Import 

F:\Work\hippofunctions\import\function.js (In hippofunction3 branch)