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Importing Products (in bulk)

Using the Import feature, you can add or update multiple products at the same time. When importing products, you can specify the data in simple CSV format. StoreHippo uses the data from your CSV file and turns it into products in your store.
To import products through your StoreHippo you need to follow these steps:

Go to Products > Products section in StoreHippo Admin Panel. Click on Import button in the top right corner. The following dialog box appears:


Click on Choose file and upload your product CSV file

Advanced Options

For advanced import option or customization in import, click on Advanced Options. The following option appears: 

The options are detailed below:

Update By SKU

This option is used if products are updated using SKU for products/variants. By default, products are updated using the _id field. 

Do not create new categories

If we check this field, then new categories do not get created even if there are new categories listed in the file.

Do not associate parent category in products automatically

In product import, by default parent category gets associated with products even when only child category is given. However, if we check this field, then the parent category will not be associated.

Append extension after all images

We can select any extension, and that extension will be added/override with images path for all images.

Prepend folder name to images path

We can prepend folder name before all images path related to ms.files in CSV if images were uploaded inside a folder in ms.files.

Import progress Notification

When you click on the Import button, the import process is initiated. You can check the import process by clicking on the notification (bell) icon on the right side of your admin panel.

You can also Hire a StoreHippo expert to prepare a CSV for your product catalog.


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Q. What are the possible errors while CSV file import?

The common import errors are as follows:

  • Invalid format
  • Missing headers
  • Invalid headers
  • File size is too big
  • Number of rows limit
  • Misspelt headers
  • Strange Characters while import
  • Required error
  • Errored Status
  • "File Does Not Exist" error