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Invoice settings

Once an order is received you can generate and print the order invoice to be sent to the customer at the time of order delivery.

Setting up Invoice Generation

To configure invoice generation, go to Settings > Invoice Settings section in StoreHippo Admin Panel.  There are following invoice settings:

Generate Invoice

This option controls the way invoices are generated. There are two available options:


Invoices will need to be generated manually using the generate invoice option for the particular order.


Invoices are generated as soon as the order is placed. The Invoice number is automatically generated using the invoice prefix and next invoice sequence number. For COD (pending) orders, the invoice will be generated automatically once the order gets paid. If Generate Invoice for Unpaid Orders setting is enabled, then, a Generate Invoice command is also visibleonthe pending order.

Invoice Number Prefix

The invoice number prefix is the initials added to an automatic invoice sequence number maintained in the system to generate invoice number. 

You can also define substore based order ID prefix. Click here to know more about adding the different order ID prefixes for different substores.

Last Invoice Sequence Number

It shows the last generated invoice number. There is an internal sequence number maintained. The sequence number starts at 1 and keeps on incrementing automatically on every invoice generation. It can be changed by admin to start invoice number of his own choice.

Generate Invoice for Unpaid Orders

For generating invoice of COD(pending) orders, this setting needs to be enabled.

Send Invoice Automatically

In the case of automatic invoice generation, if you want the invoice to be sent to the customer automatically via email, then you need to enable this setting.  

Unique counter for Sellers

For taxation purpose, each seller must have their own invoice series which will be in the incremental model.

For example:
Seller1 first invoice would be INDZ/Seller/001 and for seller2 invoice will be INDZ/seller2/001. And next invoice for seller must be INDZ/seller1/002 and similarly for all seller. ( orders(OID) will not affect the seller invoice series.)

Generating invoice fororder

To generate the invoice for the particular order, go to Orders section and open the order whose invoice is to be generated, click on the ellipsis icon and select Generate invoice.

To generate the invoice number manually select Manually and enter the invoice number of your choice. Else you can also generate the invoice number manually where the system will automatically generate the next available invoice number.