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Invoice Templates

Invoice Templates allows you to choose from one of the available invoice templates or to design your custom invoice template. You can define multiple custom invoice templates but there will be only one active invoice template that is used by default when generating an invoice for an order.

You can manage invoice templates in Settings > Invoice Templates section under StoreHippo Admin Panel.

Adding new invoice template 

You can add a new custom template by clicking on Add New button. To add a new template you need to fill the following fields:

You can edit and delete the template by clicking on the ellipsis button and select the desired option from the drop-down menu.


Provide the name of the template in this field.

Import Template

In this field, you can import the templates by selecting between the various templates that are already provided in the drop-down.


In this field, there are two tabs.

  • Preview: In the preview tab, you can preview the invoice template here.

  • Edit: In the edit tab, you can edit the code of the template which includes some variables. We use the following variables for fetching our data in invoices:
Created oncreated_on
Invoice dateinvoice_generated_on
Order Idorder.order_id
Zip codestore_address.zip_code
Shipping  Addressshipping_address.address
Full nameshipping_address.full_name
Unit Pricethis.product.original_price
Total after
Sub Totalorder.sub_total
Total Taxorder.taxes_total
Shipping Charges(+)order.shipping_total
Item Shippingthis.shipping_cost
Taxable Amountthis.tax_applied_on
Taxable Shipping Amountorder.shipping_method.tax_applied_on
Shipping Tax Nameorder.shipping_method.taxes
Shipping Tax Amountthis.tax_amount
 Additional Charges(+)order.additional_charges

Activating the invoice template

To activate an invoice template, choose an invoice template that you wish to set as your default invoice template. Click on the the ellipsis button on the template and choose Make Active command from the drop-down.  

Support for GST (India) in Invoice

GSTIN number 

GST rule requires the invoice to contain the GSTIN numbers of buyer and seller. You can use the following variables: 

seller.gstin. (seller)
user.metafields.gstin(buyer)  (The metafields need to be defined for the customer)

HSN and SAC numbers

Every product/Service has HSN/SAC number. That number needs to be mentioned on the invoice templates. You can access the numbers using the following variable:



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