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Linked Products

Linked Products allow sellers on your store to specify different pricing of the same product. Linked Products share the same tags or categories as the current product but with different sellers and features.

Go to Products > Linked Products section in your StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage the Linked Products.

A product, when linked by a seller would go to the pending approval list of linked product in admin. Only when admin approves the product it will be visible on the storefront. The Linked products section consists of the following tabs:


To make your products appear at the storefront, you need to publish your products. This section contains those products that are visible to the customers by the store admin or have been published.


In a case, when you temporarily do not want to sell a product or the product is out of stock and might take time in sourcing it again, you can use this functionality. You can hide a product from your store at your convenience.

Pending approval

Products added by the seller which need admin’s approval are listed under pending approval list. The products remain on the list until the admin approves/rejects the products.


Admin can reject product added by a seller if he doesn’t want that product to be listed at frontend. To reject a product, go to the published/unpublished/pending approval tab under products and select the reject option from the drop-down menu.

Searching for a Product

You can directly search the desired product for a fast access under this option. This allows searching for your product by the Product name.

Adding a new Product

Click on the Add New button to add new Products in your linked products. The following window appears:

Product Name

Enter the name of your Product in your store.


Enter the specified price of your product.

Compare Price

Compare price can be used to specify the list price of the product which could be the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), or the recommended retail price (RRP). On Storefront, if the price is lower than compare price then compare price is shown as stricken off. 


This field allows the admin to make his product visible to the customers.

Shipping Cost

It is the cost associated with the shipment of the product to its end user.

Inventory Management

Inventory is the quantity of a particular product that is available for sale. Inventory Management can help you manage products that have run out of stock or let you know when you need to order or make more of your product.

Inventory Allow Out Of Stock

This feature means that you can display out of stock on a website when your inventory turns zero. When you activate out of stock button/checkbox this functionality is activated.

Sort Order

Sort order field is used to set the specific sort order of your product.


This field contains the name of the seller among different sellers selling the same product.


It is for approval flow.


Select the substores if you want this linked product to be visible only for those substores. Leave blank to show it for all substores. 

This feature is available in selected plans only. Please check your pricing plan for this feature.

After filling the details click on the Save Button. Your Product is successfully added to the list of linked products.