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Logging in to your Store

To access StoreHippo Admin Panel for your store, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Enter https://STORE_NAME.storehippo.com/admin where STORE_NAME is the name of the store that you created on Storehippo. If you have configured the domains for your store then you can also use your domain name instead of STORE_NAME.storehippo.com.

Following Login Screen will appear on the page:

  1. Enter your email id and password that you used while creating the store.
  2. Click the login button.

Login using Social Logins

You can also log into your store using Facebook, Google and Linkedin provided those account use the same email id that you used while creating the store. If you are accessing the Admin Panel using your domain instead of STORE_NAME.storehippo.com then the social logins configured for your domain will be available here.